Christine & Michael McAllen

The technical competence, experience, and knowledge of Christine McAllen having managed and coordinated 15 – 30 employees in the construction industry have contributed directly to the twenty-seven-year (and counting) success of McAllen Construction Inc.  Christine holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Central Connecticut State University that has provided the knowledge and skills for the company to remain competitive in in the construction industry.   Her studying of market trends and the utilization of her networking skills has directed McAllen Construction Inc. to diversification into new markets; communications, gas, & electric.  Her understanding of these market trends, involvement in day-to-day operations in the office and field, and her financial decisions are directly-related to McAllen Construction Inc.’s success in the construction industry.

Christine continues to learn about the construction industry by continuing education, construction industry association involvement, and field visits.  She remains involved on a daily basis to ensure success for the company, acquires new contracts and new customers, fulfills contact agreements, works as hard as possible to keep her employees employed all year, and hires experienced construction managers.

With a vision and sheer determination, Michael McAllen started a building and remodeling company upon graduating Kaynor Technical High School. He brought a one-truck operation to a twenty-seven plus year successful, multi-vehicle, multi-operational, building & remodeling, utility operations, and full-service construction company.

Michael is a hardworking, focused, business initiator with the proven ability to learn various areas of the industry to expand the McAllen business. In addition to carpentry, he has extensive knowledge in excavation, septic repair and installation, water and sewer repair and installation, utility installation and removal, duct structure and conduit installation, concrete work, paving and asphalt. You do not usually find Mike in the office setting… He lives for being in the field with the McAllen Crews, Operating a Machine, or Driving one of the Big Trucks…

Ed Mendocha
Ed MendochaVP of Operations

Ed Mendocha joined the McAllen Team in June of 2013 and brings almost 34 years of construction experience to McAllen Construction Inc. As Vice President of Operations, Ed oversees daily operations to support the safety, growth, strategic planning, and execution to enhance profitability, productivity, and efficiency throughout the company’s organization. His review of cost-control reports, cost estimates, and aid in staffing requirements for projects is an integral part of the company’s operation and success. Ed collaborates with executive leadership to develop and meet company goals while supplying expertise and guidance on operations, projects, and systems. The time, dedication, and work ethic he brings to the McAllen Team does not stop at the end of a workday and we are appreciative of all his hard work to the success of McAllen Construction Inc.

Dayna Lynn
Dayna LynnHR Director / Project Manager

Dayna Lynn joined the McAllen team in 2013.  She has an eclectic array of talents that she brings to McAllen Construction. Dayna performs many duties as Office Manager – from Driver Qualification files, HR operations administering employee benefits, business insurance, managing employee trainings, and IT/Security… to aiding in safety procedures.  With her huge desire to learn, Dayna has worked hard to become a Project Manager, where she oversees ongoing projects in the field.  Dayna has attended many seminars and classes to stay current with the ongoing changes in the HR field, as well as obtained her OSHA 30, Confined Space Certificate, Indoor Air Quality Certification, Asbestos Supervisor License, and IICRC Water Tech License. Dayna is also a Notary Public. A tomboy at heart, Dayna does not mind getting dirty and loves working at a construction company where she can utilize both her love for hands on work in the field, and her extensive knowledge in an office. She is an integral component of the McAllen Team and we are thankful for all her expertise in so many areas.

Justin Lebel
Justin LebelSuperintendent

When Justin came to work at McAllen, little did he know he would be around for many years to come. From a young man out of high school, to a married father of three… From a laborer to a CDL Driver, to an Operator, to a Foreman, and now as a Superintendent; Justin has always taken every task head on. Justin has a proven track record of going above and beyond for the McAllen Team, with a high customer satisfactory level, to the respect of his peers… Justin works many hours, and his dedication is unmatched. Justin will surely work his way too many more titles and is an indispensable asset to the continued growth of McAllen Construction for years to come, and we are grateful to have him.

Dave Dilger
Dave DilgerLead Carpenter

Dave Dilger joined the McAllen Team in 2013.  He is an experienced carpenter of 30 years.  Dave’s knowledge of all things carpentry and more is second to none. From minor projects to major renovations, Dave is always up for the task. His ability to dissect a project from start to finish is a skill in itself. Dave is always willing to learn new techniques, and skills which keeps McAllen competitive in the industry.  Dave is one of the first to arrive in the morning and always with a smile.  He is one of the hardest working on the McAllen Team and we are thankful for his dedication.